At least four people have been shot dead and hundreds injured as demonstrators clash with police over new laws limiting the right to protest in Ukraine, the head of the protest movement’s volunteer medical service. The Interior Ministry said 195 police officers had been injured and 84 hospitalized since the situation turned violent Sunday.

The clashes are an escalation of weeks of largely peaceful public protests prompted by Yanukovych’s decision in November to spurn a planned trade deal with the European Union and turn toward Russia instead for a 15 billion dollar bailout. 



Extremely interesting photos to go with this little bit of info.


Robert Capa is one of those legendary figures in photojournalism, but for the most part, we’re only familiar with his black and white images. 

The International Center of Photography in New York has launched an exhibition featuring 125 unseen color photos by Capa himself. 

Unseen Color Photos by Robert Capa

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Jacob Sutton – Flour Power

Unknown Editors, posted an amazing set of photographs by Jacob Sutton called Flour Power.
I couldn’t find the whole set more apropriate for the end of the year.

Make sure that you too will have a wonderful new year with all that you wished to fulfil yourself. I will do the same.

Be Peace and Be Nature.
The world needs you to be that way. You too.


For the past few years, photographer Jimmy Nelson has been working on a daunting project: Capture the world’s rarest tribes. 

With an enormous 4x5 camera, Jimmy has been traveling the world documenting the people whose way of life has never changed. 

Photographing the World’s Rarest Tribes

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A spectacular electrical storms light up the Puyehue-Cordón Caulle range after the massive 8.8-magnitude Puyehue volcano erupted in Chile which had laid dormant for over half a century. The eruption belched an ash cloud more than six miles high over the Andes and cause a flurry of earth quakes. Photos by: Francisco Negroni | Flickr 500px

Damn you Nature!

from time to time a shotgun is a necessity to take care of that pesky washing machine.

from time to time a shotgun is a necessity to take care of that pesky washing machine.

By Silvia Grav, a truly extraordinary set of black & white photographs from the Madrid-based artist, that have such beautiful concepts behind each image. There has been a wave of incredibly talented photographers with a knack for surreal manipulations recently, and these are some of the best I’ve seen. 

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